00| My Sim Life Chronicles: An Introduction

Armed with her very little personal belongings, a small amount of cash, and a dream of becoming a famous writer, Tasha Monet moves into an apartment in San Myshuno.

Prior to her big move, Tasha shared a home with her best and childhood friend, Ava Soto, in Willow Creek. Being young with no family left in the world, Tasha feels life in the city will give her a fresh start and help her reach her dreams. She doesn’t only want to become a famous writer though. Tasha is hoping this new move will also help her find a sim to build a life and family with.

With less than $1000 simoleons left to her name, Tasha knows the bills won’t wait for her to become a famous and well-paid writer. Therefore, she swallows her pride and begins a job as a Media Intern. Perhaps being in the Social Media Spotlight will aid her in finding fans for her novels and screenplays.

Tasha has a lot riding on this move and should things not work out, she isn’t sure what she will do. Will Tasha reach all of her dreams? Or, will she be sent packing back to Willow Creek?

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