Sims 4 | Discover University: My Personal Wishlist

In case you’ve been out of the loop, university is coming to the Sims 4!! While I haven’t been dying for this pack like many of my fellow simmers, I am so excited for it and I cannot wait for November 15 to get here. The trailer, which you can view here, provides some insight into gameplay features. It’s still not really known what we can do, but I have my own personal wishlist for things I’d like to see with this new expansion pack. Also, if you’re interested in getting your hands on a copy of this game, I am hosting a giveaway that you can enter here.

World Wishlist

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It has been confirmed that there are two schools in this expansion pack: University of Britechester and Foxbury Institute. In previous games, the university town was separate of the towns in which sims lived. In this pack, I’d like to see two new worlds that have the universities a part of the town. I am assuming the town/towns will be semi-open because bikes are back! I really just don’t want it to be like Sims 3 where you’d leave all other family members behind and there was no contact until you left school at the end of term.


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If this is anything like Sims 3 University, only Young Adults and above can attend university. I am fine with this remaining the same, but I’d really like for there to be methods of preparation for teens prior to their Young Adulthood and entrance to University. I’d like for parents/guardians to create college funds. We all know that college is an expense that is best prepared for early and I’d really like it to be embedded in game that parents can set these things up. Or maybe, teens can save funds from a part-time job to go toward their college education. Essentially, I’m thinking a banking system like the one modder SimRealist created. This could also include the opportunity to take out a loan. If a banking feature is not included, I will definitely be using the mod to have parents/teens save for their college education.

I’d also like for there to be entrance exams (SAT/ACT style) that are taken as a part of high school. Perhaps it can be sent home like school projects are or, dare I say it, it’s a rabbit hole teens go to prior to high school graduation. I’m assuming it can also be an exam teens/young adults take on the computer, but I’d like it to be a bit more official than that. Results of this exam should be generated based on skills, grades, and maybe even traits. Sims should be able to receive scholarships, grants, or even workstudy opportunities.

This may be asking for too much, but I’d like for teens and their families to be able to take tours of the schools and get an idea of which school they’d like to attend, if any. There isn’t any particular reason I want this other than I think it’s something that would be cool.

University Gameplay

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Sims 3 University was one of my favorite expansion packs not because I enjoy being in school, but because the gameplay was so much fun. There was so much to do and it was actually difficult. I do not want it to be so difficult that sims have to spend all day and night studying with no social life, but I also don’t want it to be extremely simple either.

I really want to be able to attend some classes with my sim. I am okay with some things being rabbitholes because, to be honest, I don’t want that much to do. However, I’d like at least one class to be interactive.

I also want to be able to have NPC roommates if sims opt to live off campus. Honestly, I want the roommate situation of Sims 3 University to come back. It was very realistic for college experience for me and one of the things I liked most. Hopefully it comes back.

There were clubs listed on the website and some shown in the trailer. I hope the Get Together club system will be able to be put to good use here. As well as the odd jobs that came with Island Living.

Post University

I’d like to see some kind of alumni system built into the game. Sims can donate to their alma mater, come back as a speaker at graduation, or maybe even a guest lecturer. As far as careers, I’d like for the university education to make a major difference in your career trajectory.

Overall, I am excited for this pack to come out and even if it has nothing on my wishlist, I know I’m just going to enhance my gameplay with mods.

What would you all like to see?

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