Hey Sim Babes!

After losing the save file to my Hocus Pocus Challenge, I was on the hunt for another challenge to try and I’ve found it! I am taking on the Sims 4 Seasons Challenge created by Golden Simmer. You can view the rules here and you can view her challenge here.

I created the Speed Build and CAS for the challenge. I’ll post the videos below.

The main sim I’ll be playing is Marielle Snow. She is a native of San Myshuno and lived her entire childhood in foster care. Her last foster parents before she aged out of the system passed away and left Marielle grieving and lonely. Marielle was an okay high school student, but could not see herself attending university. On the night of her high school graduation, Marielle met a young, military man named Jared Flowers. Whether it was his charming looks, sweet talking, or Marielle’s desperation for a place to stay, she fell head over heels in love. Just after a month of dating, Marielle and Jared marry and move to Willow Creek. Not long after their courthouse wedding, Jared is sent away on a tour of duty in Selvadorada and Marielle finds out she is pregnant.Nine months later, Marielle gives birth to their daughter Naomi Snow-Flowers and she never knew she could love anyone as much as she loved her daughter. Jared returns from Selvadorada when Naomi is 6 months old and the young, small family live happily for many years, with Jared leaving every now and then on military business. 

Alas, that happiness was not going to last. On Naomi’s 17th birthday, Jared is sent on a secret emergency mission in Strangerville, promising Naomi that they’ll celebrate when he gets back home. Sadly, Jared is killed in the line of duty. Unable to pay the bills for their home in Willow Creek because the beneficiary of Jared’s life insurance policy was an ex-girlfriend from before he met Marielle and he never thought to change it, Marielle and Naomi move to Oasis Springs to start life anew. Before becoming a widow, Marielle was a stay-at-home mom. But with Jared gone and Naomi needing things, Marielle gets a job at a fast food restaurant. It’s hardly enough to live a decent life, but they won’t be homeless. While Marielle wants to be the best parent she can to Naomi, her grief has changed her. Once a vibrant, enchanting woman, now she’s gloomy and lazy. Her only bright spot is Naomi and she wants whatever is best for her so that Naomi can have all the things Marielle didn’t have growing up. 

Speed Build


Stay tuned for more updates!

Sims 4 | Seasons Challenge

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