Twitch Chat Expectations

As with any community, there are a few expectations of the members, which are as follows:

1. Use your words/actions to uplift the members of this chat and this space

2. Seek understanding before responding

3. Treat people as individuals, not as representatives of an entire group or organization

4. Correct misinformation about the myths and stereotypes about our own groups and other groups

5. Own intentions AND impact

These expectations were created with the values that make up Tasha Monet’s philosophy for her channel. The values are as follows:

– Reciprocity: Each interaction is an opportunity for everyone to learn and grow

– Voice: Everyone is free to express his/her enthusiasms and concerns

– Reflection: Reflect on what we are writing, reading, saying, and doing

– Intentionality: The things we do, say, and think are tied to a goal of growth

– Community: We value people over process. We value each other and support one another.

*NOTE: This channel is intended for members 18+.

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