Stream Commands

!commandsGives link to all commands
!uptimeTells how long Tasha has been streaming
!hugAllows you to hug anyone in chat. Just @ them after the command
!gameTells what game Tasha is playing
!followageTells how long you’ve been a follower of Tasha
!lurkNotifies that you are lurking
!unlurkNotifies that you are back from your lurk
!twitterGives Tasha’s twitter info
!ytGives Tasha’s YouTube info
!discordGives Tasha’s discord info
!igGives Tasha’s Instagram info
!originGives Tasha’s origin id
!donateGives Tasha’s donation info
!gavinAlerts mods to add a twerk to the twerk jar if Tasha swears
!bearReminder to save
!lipstickNames the brand and shade of Tasha’s current lipstick
!resourcesGives link to the Writing Workshop Resource folder
!ghGives Gamer’s Haven discord info
!hpGives a Happy Birthday message
!ajbooGives info on creating a sim boo for AJ’s sim
!switchGives Tasha’s Nintendo Switch friend code
!sortinghatSorts you into a Hogwarts House
!patronusAssigns you a patronus
!wandAssigns you a wand

Sound Commands


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