Simerica’s Next Top Model (Season 1)

Participate as a Contestant

Submit a young adult, cc free sim to the gallery under #SNTMS1. Then, complete this audition form by Saturday, July 25. For each challenge, you will be asked to complete a Google form with questions about your sim, which will help guide me in dressing and posing your sim for the photo. After each challenge, the three judges will look at the photos and score them based on a provided rubric. The Sim with the lowest average score will be eliminated. There will also be a fan favorite vote that gets factored into each week’s score, so be sure to share the videos and voting polls on your social media.

Participate as a Judge

If you are not interested in submitting a sim, consider being a judge by applying here by Saturday, July 25. Each week, judges will be asked to review the models’ photos and score them based on a rubric you will be given. This should require no more than 1 hour of time each week.

Participate as a Viewer

As a viewer of Simerica’s Next Top Model, each week you’ll get to vote on your favorite sim model. Additionally, you also get some say in the challenges that the models experience each week through voting. Be sure to watch my YouTube Channel so that you do not miss anything.

Also be sure to check out the creator of our host, Twiggie Manning, YeeenFinnaDoThat on YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter.

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