Sims 4 Adoption Challenge Revamp

The Sims 4 Adoption Challenge is back! I am doing the playthrough on twitch. Here you will find the log of adopted children. It will be updated after each stream.

#NameAge at AdoptionAdoption Date
1MarieBabySummer, Year 1 (7/9)
2KasandraToddlerSummer, Year 1 (7/9)
3BreanaChildSummer, Year 1 (7/17)
4BroderickToddlerSummer, Year 1 (7/18)
5KaleighChildSummer, Year 1 (8/5)
6MalcolmToddlerSummer, Year 1 (8/5)
7BrooklynChildFall, Year 1 (8/6)
8HaydenToddlerFall, Year 1 (8/18)
9NikitaToddlerFall, Year 1 (8/18)
10LondynChildFall, Year 1 (9/22)

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