Sims 4 Hocus Pocus Challenge Revamp

One year ago today, I started my YouTube channel with the Hocus Pocus challenge, which is a challenge I developed rules for from an idea in a FaceBook group. My graphics and computer were not up to par and I never finished the challenge. Today on my Youtubiversary, I am revamping this challenge with a few new changes and an intention to complete it this October.

If you decide to take on the challenge, use #TS4HocusPocusChallenge and please tag me. I’m TashaMonetSims on all social platforms. I’d love to see what you do!

See all the challenge rules below:


After their supposed demise at the hands of Max, Alison, and Dani, the Sanderson sisters were stuck in a black void between heaven and hell. When the three sages worked to keep the Magical Realm from falling apart, they inadvertently ripped a hole in this void that released the sisters. Unfortunately for Winifred (Winnie), Mary, and Sarah, being thrust back into the dimension of the living has stripped them of their magical powers. Still aiming to become immortal, the sisters must relearn magic and potion-making before the end of Halloween (Spooky Day). Can they do it?

Game Play Rules 

    • Each sister must complete their aspiration before the end of Halloween
    • Winnie must learn all spells in all branches of magic
    • Mary must learn all potions
    • Sarah must learn all spells in Mischief magic
    • All sisters must gain immortality
    • Seasons should be set to 28 days (you can make this shorter if you want to make the challenge more difficult; I use the 21 day season mod by LittleMsSam)
    • Start game in the fall
    • Lifespan should be set to short
    • The sisters start as young adults
    • Winifred Sanderson
      • Aspiration: Spellcraft & Sorcery
      • Mean
      • Evil
      • Hates Children
    • Mary Sanderson
      • Aspiration: Purveyor of Potions
      • Clumsy
      • Mean
      • Foodie
    • Sarah Sanderson
      • Aspiration: Serial Romantic
      • Romantic
      • Erratic
      • Noncommittal
    • The sisters must work on their aspirations everyday
    • You can only focus on one sister per day except the first day when attempting to make all sisters spellcasters
    • They cannot use youth potions unless purchased with aspiration points (can only be used once per week)
    • The only way to revert the age of the sisters if they cannot afford a youth potion with aspiration points is to sacrifice a child or teen that they have convinced to trust them (ie. are good friends with). 
    • Sacrificing a child reduces the age to Young Adult. 
    • Sacrificing a teen reverts their age back to the beginning of their current life state. 
    • Because it is very difficult to sacrifice a child in the Sims, you can use a mod like Torment mod by Sacrificial (the relationship parameter still stands and it can only be performed once per week). 
    • Sacrificing can only occur at night so after 7 pm. 
    • If this is too much for your conscience to sacrifice a child using a mod, you can move a child into another sim household once the friendship bar is full between the child and the sister whose age you want to reverse and that will satisfy the requirement as well to reverse their aging. 
    • If the sisters have completed their aspirations before Halloween ends, they can use Potion of Immortality to gain the immortal life that they desire
    • If Halloween ends before the sisters have completed their aspirations or one of the sisters dies, the challenge is over and unsuccessful

Sanderson Cottage: @legaltuna

  • Lot Traits: Cursed, Private Dwelling, Mean Vibe 

Sanderson Sisters: @ShundaDenise 

Everyday Wear: Danny’s Domain

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