Sims 4 Adoption Challenge Revamp

The Sims 4 Adoption Challenge is back! I am doing the playthrough on twitch. Here you will find the log of adopted children. It will be updated after each stream. #NameAge at AdoptionAdoption Date1MarieBabySummer, Year 1 (7/9)2KasandraToddlerSummer, Year 1 (7/9)3BreanaChildSummer, Year 1 (7/17)4BroderickToddlerSummer, Year 1 (7/18)5KaleighChildSummer, Year 1 (8/5)6MalcolmToddlerSummer, Year 1 (8/5)7BrooklynChildFall, Year 1 (8/6)8HaydenToddlerFall, … Continue reading Sims 4 Adoption Challenge Revamp

CC I Use in my Game

Below you will find a chart of the custom content creators I use in my game. CC CreatorLinks (Some have multiple)Ade_Darma Creations Sims Sims & Noir Sims Simple Royalty Sims X3 Sims Cookies Sims Sims reading CC I Use in my Game

Mods I use in my Game

Creator/Mod NameLinkBasemental Drugs & Gangs by Basemental Aspiration, Trait, Event, and Career Mods by Kiara Sims Gameplay Mods by KawaiiStacie Old Cookbook by Littlbowbub Gameplay Mods by LittleMsSam and MCWoohoo by deaderpool and Andrew’s Pose Player by Scumbumbo and Andrew’s Studio Stories by roBurky Gameplay Mods by Scarlet Gameplay Mods by Sim Realist Gameplay … Continue reading Mods I use in my Game

Stream Commands

CommandResult!commandsGives link to all commands!uptimeTells how long Tasha has been streaming!hugAllows you to hug anyone in chat. Just @ them after the command!gameTells what game Tasha is playing!followageTells how long you’ve been a follower of Tasha!lurkNotifies that you are lurking!unlurkNotifies that you are back from your lurk!twitterGives Tasha’s twitter info!ytGives Tasha’s YouTube info!discordGives Tasha’s discord … Continue reading Stream Commands